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Weyrd' Average member rating: 69 ratings. The Devil's Dungeon , by C. William Engel From the "Stimulating Simulations" book series, The Devil's Dungeon features an infinitely deep dungeon populated with monsters, demons, and gold. Each level of the dungeon has 16 rooms that are randomly The Djinni Chronicles , by J.

Berry Average member rating: 31 ratings. The Ebb and Flow of the Tide , by Peter Nepstad Average member rating: 13 ratings You have done a horrible thing, so horrible that burial will be denied you, either in soil or sea, neither can there be any hell for you. You wait for some hours, knowing this.


Then your friends come for Ecdysis , by Peter Nepstad Average member rating: 68 ratings You wake, a pounding headache loud in your inner ear, the back of your head itching and tingling, your mouth full of cotton. The pain drives away your dreams, weird visions of alien landscapes Ecdysis is You are a chivalrous knight attempting to save a princess; your quest takes you through a mad-cap Douglas Adams-style world. Escape From Summerland , by Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy Average member rating: 16 ratings Original Blurb: "In the near future a drone war rages in the skies, but below in Summerland there is only one thought: who's going to feed Jacquotte?

Everybody Dies , by Jim Munroe Average member rating: 86 ratings It starts with a metalhead, Graham, realizing that throwing that shopping cart over the bridge was not the great idea he thought it was. Even if it did get him out of washroom duty at Cost Cutters HTML enhanced. Fallacy of Dawn , by Robb Sherwin Average member rating: 18 ratings In a world that never quite got over the '80s, Delarion Yar dispenses quarters for the local arcade A software pirate from better days, he's crossed the wrong people one too many times.

Locked into You are still alive.

The Skull Finding Martin , by G. Wennstrom Average member rating: 4 ratings Venture past the limits of ordinary reality as you investigate the mysterious disappearance of an old friend. In order to solve the most challenging of these puzzles, you will need to cooperate with yourself A Fine Day for Reaping , by James Webb aka revgiblet Average member rating: 23 ratings Step into the bare feet of the Grim Reaper for a day and make sure that five pesky souls keep their appointment with the afterlife.

Lott Average member rating: 14 ratings. It must be brought. You have a rock. The Fortress of Fear , by Larry Horsfield Average member rating: 1 rating Arriving at the vast Marienburg Fortress, headquarters of the Teutonic Knights, you find that that it has been captured by the mad sorceror-prince Wladyslaw. You volunteer to enter the fortress alone and Gourmet , by Aaron A.

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Reed and Chad Barb Average member rating: 47 ratings Missing employees, wily crustaceans, malfunctioning kitchen equipment and a terminal food shortage, all on the night the most important culinary critic in the world has chosen to review your debut Guess the Verb! Read evocative and amusing room descriptions while manipulating interesting objects! Interact with the simulated motives and desires of quirky NPCs! Except you can't. Not yet. An amateur like you? Come off it!

Galena's Wish List

Now, if you were a fully paid-up member of the notorious Guild of Guilded Youth , by Jim Munroe Average member rating: 35 ratings You play Tony, a fourteen-year old thief who needs some help looting the legendary Oakville Manor. Luckily it's the s and finding fellow adventurers is just a modem squeal away Gun Mute , by C.

Pacian Average member rating: ratings Step into the shoes of Mute Lawton, a lone cowboy who must stop an execution set to occur at noon by shooting his way past dangerous cyborgs and mutants in a post-apocalyptic western setting. From the But beware.

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  • It is not unguarded The House on the Cliff , by Emily Short, Richard Evans, Linden Lab Average member rating: 1 rating An accident to a carriage and mail coach strand a group of strangers in a desolate stretch of coastland. The only source of shelter is an ancient, rambling estate, where neither servants nor master appear to Infidel , by Michael Berlyn Average member rating: 45 ratings Infidel finds you marooned by your followers in the heart of the deadly Egyptian Desert. A soldier of fortune by trade, you've come hither in search of a great lost pyramid and its untold riches. Now, alone, Internal Vigilance , by Simon Christiansen Average member rating: 11 ratings You are informed that a new prisoner was brought in recently.

    Your job, as usual, is to interrogate him and determine whether he poses a threat to The Union. This should not be a problem. You are a trained It's the sleep of infants before they're conceived, dreamless and undisturbable. It's election time in Pakistan: Go rich boy, go! Are you ready to vote in the urban badlands of ol' Pakistan? Screw the terrorists, and damn the summer heat Fireworks cascade across the sky, your stomach rumbles uneasily, music and lasers howl across the parkland Not exactly He gets run over by a bus.

    Sprayed with cheese sandwich by a supernatural being Kaged , by Ian Finley Average member rating: 46 ratings ""But my madness speaks: It will but skin and film the ulcerous place, Whilst rank corruption, mining all within, Infects unseen.

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    The Inquisitor is waiting. Katana , by Matt Rohde Average member rating: 7 ratings You play as an American tourist visiting Shinobu Palace in Japan hoping to learn more about your ancestor, Matsuo Kaneiji, an infamous samurai executed for treason. Through several puzzles and flashbacks, It could be a perfect playground of hate, torture, walking dead and eternal darkness.

    The inhabitants of the land, however, had other ideas. Making his castle on the The human race lost. You're hungry. And you have a hell of a headache. Discretionary warning: This game is violent, scatological, and eschatological. My sojourn in parts foreign is at an ende.

    Pegau weaves local history and intrigue into new mystery-thriller

    I am at lodgings in Southwark not far from the bridge at Stoney Street, come dine with me two days hence to ring in the newe year. I have After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, she wakes from her mundane existence into a nightmare Can you prevent the hideous space creature from abducting Little Blue Men , by Michael S. Gentry Average member rating: 60 ratings This game is a joke.

    10 Archaeological Mysteries of the United States

    This game is a warning. This game is a satire. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Pacian Average member rating: 36 ratings. Lydia's Heart , by Jim Aikin Average member rating: 26 ratings "Lydia's Heart" is a large, complex game with a serious tone and seven or eight NPCs you can converse with. The genre is low-key horror: There's almost no actual blood, but there are several ways to die in a Of all the dicks; you get the call, sitting in the front seat of your car, hands shaking on the steering wheel.

    An urgent call; but all you were thinking of was the bottle in the A Mind Forever Voyaging , by Steve Meretzky Average member rating: 89 ratings "If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not The world is on the brink of chaos. In the United States of North America, spiraling Mingsheng , by Deane Saunders Average member rating: 7 ratings. Monday, , by Alexander "Mordred" Andonov Average member rating: 10 ratings How long is half an hour when you are bored and miserable? How about when it's Monday, and it's ?

    How about when you're in love?

    Books by Max Allan Collins and Complete Book Reviews

    Moon-Shaped , by Jason Ermer Average member rating: 29 ratings. Myriad , by Porpentine Average member rating: 23 ratings branching outcomes of a fetid day. Necrotic Drift , by Robb Sherwin Average member rating: 18 ratings Necrotic Drift is a survival horror text adventure An homage to the old Magnetic Scrolls game in presentation, Necrotic Drift follows the story of gaming store employee Jarret Night of the Creeper , by Craig Dutton As an amateur Ghost-Hunter you head for the village of Abbeymede in hope of witnessing any supernatural sightings.

    However, this night will unravel a tale of dread and horror and the true nature of the ghost Nightfall , by Eric Eve Average member rating: 50 ratings The Enemy is expected to arrive at any moment. Staying behind is either the stupidest or the bravest thing you've ever done. Only one thing - or one person - could have made you stay.

    So now there's nothing You can't possibly fail. Nothing can stand in your way! Now if only you could find your Revolutionary Perdition's Flames , by Michael J. Roberts Average member rating: 18 ratings The afterlife isn't what you expected. Explore a strangely modernized and bureaucratic underworld, replete with strip malls, government offices, and science labs, as well as the occasional lake of molten It's a story-driven, almost Pirate's Plunder! Not even that evil Captain Hookhead can stoppeth ye once ye put ye mind to it. Know why? If ye Images of exotic The Primrose Path , by Nolan Bonvouloir Average member rating: 31 ratings You've been having a series of nightmares about Leo, standing at the edge of a cliff.

    No matter what you do, a bell rings and Leo disappears over the edge. Quest Adventure , by Kim W. On the way, you must also locate an ancient scroll Risorgimento Represso , by Michael J.