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The dismembered body of a young woman is discovered in Montevideo, Uruguay. Who did the brutal murder, and why? The Surreal Killer. What motivates a serial killer? This tightly written mystery story will keep you guessing all the way to the thrilling conclusion.

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The Body in the Parking Structure. The Matador Murders. A mystery novel set in exotic Montevideo, Uruguay and Santiago, Chile, is a fast paced romp with lots of action and a good whodunit storyline. The Body in the Bed is a suspenseful whodunit novella, which brings Roger and Suzanne back to Montevideo, Uruguay where another bloody killing needs to be solved. Together, the collection of five stories is the length of a traditional novel.

All five of the stories feature characters from the novels. The Deadly Dog Show. Roger and Bruce are hired to go undercover impersonating the owner and handler of a Champion German Shorthaired Pointer named Juliet. The reviewers are enthusiastic about this book, which should appeal to mystery readers , dog lovers, and anyone else looking for a fast paced, entertaining novel. We planned to name her puppies after varietal wine grapes, so her being the vineyard seemed to make sense at the time. Our present puppy, Ries, returns us to the grape varietal theme.

He was named for Riesling grapes. Q5: Are any of the there any settings in your book inspired by real places? Where and why? JL A5: I choose exotic and unusual locales I know from first hand experience. Fact checking and updating information about locations are done on the Internet or using the library as a resource. The Body in the Parking Structure was a lot of fun to write because I could draw on my professional skills for much of the background material for this book , which involves a pharmaceutical company and a potential new anti-cancer drug in the plot.

Q6: Give us a quote from one of your favorite reviews of your own books. Even though the pacing is fast, the plot does not seem rushed at all. It is actually very compact and flawlessly written with its international conspiracy, which is very impressive. Together with a strong dialogue, author Jerold Last also presents readers with vivid portrayals of the Uruguayan culture through his adroit prose.

It is not hard for me to gravitate toward the main protagonists, Roger and Suzanne. As a matter of fact, all the characters, main or secondary, are well developed and believable.

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The story itself is quite riveting; I finished it in one sitting because I really wanted to know the outcome. All things considered, a very well constructed mystery sleuth for fans of the genre. I could actually see South American Mystery as a television series. Jerold Last is a gifted writer and I would keep an eye on his future works. JL A7: Butter.

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  6. It tastes better, is probably healthier at least in moderation. I lived most of my teenaged years in Madison, Wisconsin, where colored margarine was illegal and butter was cheap and abundant, so I really acquired a taste for the stuff. As I moved towards college and nominal adulthood, my favorites became the masters of the private eye genre, Dashiell Hammett , Raymond Chandler , and Ross MacDonald.

    I like the noir style, the role of the private detective as the hero, solving puzzles with the hero, and the fast pace of the action as a complex plot unfolds. Veronica happens to be prince Ted's sister's, sister-in-law and is working to improve his media image. So it falls on her to instruct Navy Seal 'Joe' how to impersonate a stuck up prig of a p Joe and Veronica.

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    So it falls on her to instruct Navy Seal 'Joe' how to impersonate a stuck up prig of a prince. Not as far fetched as I at first thought, considering Joe grew up with a messed up single mom in Brooklyn. Ronnie as he calls her without asking first and Joe's, first meeting is anything but auspicious though.

    Does Joe allay her bad first impression though? He plays it up to make himself look even worse. All of this sounds like the makings of a great story right? Joe has a chip on his shoulder the size of the Titanic, and it sinks the story every time it seems to be getting good. Veronica has a posh english accent and dresses conservatively, so she must be a snobby bitch right? That's what Joe assumes Super tiresome to the point of stupidity.

    When it becomes emphatically and publicly obvious that he has been holding out information on himself that was important to Veronica doing her job well, does she get mad. Overall, Joe was patronizing to the 'little lady'. There was no real reason for it and he was even warned by a man he respects, that there was more to her than he should first assume. So essentially I couldn't see what Veronica saw in him other than he looked hot in his naval whites and was nice to dying children. Dec 01, Suzanne rated it liked it Shelves: romance , audio.

    Draw Batons! (1973) (A Thane and Moss mystery) by Bill Knox - Radio Drama - Crime/Mystery

    However, it was marred by most of romantic issues stemming from assumptions and lack of communication. Really people - just talk!

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    No joke. I loved this book because she had me so engaged. The storyline was there for sure but Ashley slays this book in all the best ways. I went in knowing it was an older romance, meaning it was writing over 20 years ago and I immediately felt like it was a Harlequin I would just pl 5 Prince Joe Stars Normally I mention the narration at the end but D — A — N — M it needs to be mentioned first. But if you take it down to the time the book was written and how it makes you feel I was so in love with Joe!

    And Veronica, she was the strong stoic type who sure some might say got walked over, but really she just lied in wait until she could manipulate the situation.

    I loved that she was so ambitious and skeptical. I loved that Joe wore his heart on his sleeve; he was this strong man until he fell in love. I loved it as you can tell and if you just go in thinking I am going to be entertained and enjoy a good love story you will love it as much as I did I am sure of it.

    Shelves: hero-or-heroine-i-can-t-stand , silhouette-intimate-moments-rom-sus , did-not-finish , category-contemporary-romance. I felt bad because I really feel that a 1 star rating should come with a reason for that low rating. Suzanne Brockmann is a very popular author in the romance genre, and I am sure that my rating gets a lot of raised eyebrows. For me, this book is a fail. I cannot stand the heroine! I tried my hardest to keep reading, but she annoyed me so much, and I didn't even want to be bothered. Honestly, I have a problem with Suzanne Brockmann's heroines in general.

    I find most of them fairly unlikable I felt bad because I really feel that a 1 star rating should come with a reason for that low rating. I find most of them fairly unlikable. I have a handful I do like, and Veronica is not one of them.

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    Her snobbery, her disdainful way of treating Joe, who is a nice guy, way too nice for her, really got my goat. I like a proper, even stuffy heroine. But she was just plain offensive to me. With a romance book, I have to like the characters to want to see them get their happy ending. In this case, I wanted Joe to ditch Veronica and find a nice woman to fall in love with. I realize I am an outlier with this book. Sometimes that happens.

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    I have considered trying to reread this and see if I like it better the second time. But, I found it so off-putting, I'm not sure when that will ever happen, especially with my immense tbr pile not to mention books I liked and want to reread. My opinion, and certainly not the only one. View 2 comments. Sep 10, Jane Stewart rated it it was ok Shelves: romantic-suspense.