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Promoting the Supremacy of Scripture
  1. The Search for Joy & the Supremacy of God in the Gospel {TGCWJohn Piper} | Sarah Caroline
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Genesis 2, the divine breath, the spirit puts in you goodness, patient, you know, that kind of thing. Jon: Is it two ways of saying the same thing? Tim: Yeah, yeah, exactly, as Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Jon: Genesis 1 being take off and put on. Take off your old humanity and put on this new humanity that you find in Jesus and that God wants to turn you into. Jon: So, remake your image in a way. And then Paul will also draw on the language of Genesis 2 to say, "Let the spirit grow fruit in you. Tim: Is recreating you.

The Search for Joy & the Supremacy of God in the Gospel {TGCWJohn Piper} | Sarah Caroline

Jon: It is recreating you and that can bear fruit. Tim: It bears fruit. Jon: Which is the recreation of your image. Which he talks about ethical transformation. Jon: In both ways, both metaphors. Tim: Both metaphors result in ethical transformation. We're made in God's image, we're put in this garden and in the garden, there's a tree called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

And God says, "Don't eat of this tree, or on the day you eat of it, you'll die. You'll like it. They are the image of God. So the snake is planting the seeds of doubt and distrust in God's generosity. Somehow, there's something that God's holding out on me that I can have that will actually make me more of what I should be. Jon: More the image. I guess what I'm thinking is like, let's say I'm the king of Moab - go back to that - and I see myself as the embodiment of God, how would I rebel against that?

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What would my rebellion look like? Tim: Well, if you're the embodiment of the God, you define good and evil. Jon: I define good and evil. Jon: So this is a different kind of embodiment where I'm not actually the god. I'm a representation, but I don't actually call the shots.

Supremacy: Curse God

I just have authority on his behalf. I think that's really important.

Tim: If you're an image of the God, it does mean you're not God. You're an image of God. Jon: Well, but not if I'm King Moab. Tim: Oh, I see.

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Jon: I am the image of the God and I am the god. Tim: That's a good point. I've never played out that distinction. But it is one. Yeah, that's right. I'm thinking this is really obscure. If you've ever found your way into the oracles of the prophets against the foreign kings in Jeremiah or Ezekiel or Isaiah, so Isaiah will start ranting against the king of Babylon, or something. And they'll often use the language of "you've turned yourself into a god and you think that your authority is— Jon: To the king?

So he's saying to the king of Babylon, "I've ascended to the cloud.

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I ascend to the clouds, make my throne in heaven and take over the world. So the point is they've deified themselves so that they can redefine evil as good because it serves their interests.

That's an area where it's like, you've overstepped your bounds as an image of God and you have defined good and evil for yourself instead of humbling yourself before. So we're back to the meaning of the tree of good and evil. Jon: In Ancient Near Eastern thought, is being the image of God connected to the ability to define good and evil? Because in the biblical account they are separated.

You're created in an image, but no, you can't define good and evil yourself.

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But the king of Babylon, because he's the image of God, he can define good and evil himself. Tim: That's interesting. I mean, you do get the sense the point of Genesis 1 is God giving humans an enormous responsibility to just go for it. Jon: Which you would imagine they would have to make a distinction between good and evil if they do that. That's right. But the tree in that story is representing that there is something about the knowledge of discerning good and evil that we have to rely on as coming from outside ourselves, the tree.

It's something I trust God for and it's a boundary I can overstep and see for myself. In which case, something's gone wrong. And the snake says, "Oh, yeah, you can be even more like God. Tim: You can do that for yourself. Jon: And that's what the king of Babylon does. Jon: I mean, right? Tim: Yeah, yeah. Jon: That would be pretty enticing to see this guy who goes like, "Nope, this is good and that's evil. I mean, history tells the story of what happens when humans Jon: So is there something that the Genesis account is trying to tease out, which is, "Yes, you are the image of God, but don't take it too far.

Jon: "While you are reflecting God's authority, not in the way that the king of Babylon does it where he defines good and evil himself, you have my authority and you have this responsibility, but you still need to rely on me, ultimately for the definition of what is truly good and what is truly evil. Jon: I'm just trying to get my head inside someone reading this, who is from that time. And so I'm reading it, and at first, I'm blown away.

That's incredible. They build whatever they want. They have sex with whoever they want. They just do whatever they want. And now you're like, "Oh, wait a second. I'm the image of God but it doesn't go that far. In fact, God doesn't want me to do that. That's dangerous. That's going to kill me. I do want that.